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Synoptic Situation for the Maritimes - Long Term

This animation show forecasts of weather elements generated by the Canadian atmospheric model called GEM. This forecast is a numerical simulation guidance that allows professional meteorologists to foresee and to evaluate a probable future state of the atmosphere.

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On the images, the lack of cloud is represented by the gray color background, changing to a white and pale blue when there are clouds. In the presence of precipitation, the cloud pixel is replaced by another one representing the dominant type of precipitation in this area. The pixel is colored green in the presence of rain, blue for snow and yellow or red for mixed or freezing precipitations (see lower right legend). The upper right legend describes the isobars and isotherms in the images. The wind is represented by a vector indicating where the wind is coming from; the length of the barbs gives the speed to be respectively 5, 10 or 50 km/hour for a short, long barb or a flag.